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  1. Ultrasounds - Cause For Concern
  2. When to start calling?
  3. Meta-analysis of the Safety of Home Birth
  4. A woman is safest giving birth where she feels safest By Laurie Morgan
  5. Looking for a midwife for a friend
  6. Phd Thesis on Unassisted Birth
  7. Central QLD
  8. Thinking womans guide to better birth
  9. Homebirth midwife / Doula in Cairns and surroundings
  10. My DH gets it!!!!!
  11. Optimum Birth Doula Course
  12. Woo!
  13. Advice for a friend please
  14. Dealing with negativity from family and friends
  15. Has anyone has experience with the St George Hospital Homebirth program
  16. Anyone had a HB with Australian Unity recently?
  17. Who has used Sonja?
  18. ISO Doula for friend on Sunshine Coast
  19. What will happen to HB post June 2010?
  20. Where do I begin?
  21. birth pools
  22. Review of homebirths in W.A.
  23. Antenatal Classes and Homebirthing
  24. some Swedish homebirth studies - small but interesting
  25. Homebirth information outside of Australia
  26. One of those dumb questions
  27. I want a homebirth - where do I start?
  28. How much did your homebirth cost?
  29. Pool in a box
  30. I'm Writing to my local member - WDYT?
  31. How to support my friend
  32. Stats for your local hospital
  33. an obstetrician promoting midwifery care
  34. ventouse vs. forceps
  35. Will you have a homebirth 'next time'?
  36. Dont Know The Next Step
  37. Where do I start?
  38. YAY im so excited
  39. Ok I did it!
  40. I'm having a homebirth!
  41. I know so little...
  42. First Time Homebirther - How to gain family support???
  43. Consequences of Hospital Birth
  44. Doulas & the Cesarean rate
  45. Birthwiki
  46. So how do you find the stats on birth centre transfers?
  47. Andrea Woodward, Midwife
  48. When Midwives compete for births, the public wins
  49. HB midwife told to "behave"
  50. Why Some Women Don't Want Midwives at Their Births, Laura Shanley
  51. Canadian study finds mothers & babies much less likely to be injured in homebirth
  52. homebirth in Ireland
  53. Freebirthing after 2 c/s?
  54. Homebirth in the great unknown... ie after July 2010
  55. What to Expect When You Go to the Hospital for a Natural Childbirth
  56. The real cost of government regulation to homebirth
  57. The violence of birth
  58. Homebirthing with housemates...
  59. Booking visit?
  60. The Perils of Hospital Birth: what the doctors and hospitals will not tell you!
  61. Being a support person at a homebirth when pregnant yourself
  62. What post-birth information and support have you received?
  63. The History of Western Medicine (& other horrors)
  64. How did your other children react to you in labour?
  65. A sOB's birth plan
  66. the ritual aspect of hospital "birth"
  67. People present during labour
  68. Midwife in North Brisbane/Caboolture area?
  69. Best comebacks to "HB...You're so brave"
  70. Advice/opinions wanted on preterm UC
  71. Disputed Territory: A doctor reviews “Birth Territory and Midwifery Guardianship"
  72. Has anyone planned a publicly funded HB through WCH Adelaide?
  73. Birthing After 2012
  74. Purebirth-Australia website
  75. Birthing Options in Ipswich