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  1. The Seven Secrets of being a Homebirth Dad
  2. Dangers of Hospital Birth
  3. A babymoon with noone to help you?
  4. Educate me about my rights in hospital
  5. Do you think unassisted home water birth is 'riskier' than birth on land?
  6. Homebirth expense
  7. Julie ***** - birth story?
  8. Don't mind me, just doing some unpacking
  9. Perinatal statistics
  10. Freebirth?
  11. First time mama homebirth
  12. 2006 Performance Indicators Victorian Hospitals
  13. to scan or not to scan
  14. Would you have a male midwife?
  15. Your Birth Could Have Been Better
  16. Health Insurance funded HB?
  17. The path of the birth worker
  18. Did you want medical aid at any point during birth?
  19. Freebirth or hospital?
  20. I feel like an impostor
  21. home/hospital gee, so hard to decide!
  22. a lot of questions
  23. fathers and homebirth
  24. need help with a hospital birth centre question
  25. 2006 Perinatal Statistics for WA
  26. Hospital, or freebirth alone and in secret? PLEASE help and advise?
  27. Not sure I can go ahead with planned birth centre birth
  28. Update on my situation and a decision made
  29. Essentials for a home birth!
  30. Remote Freebirthing
  31. Running away to birth
  32. "Birthing by numbers" nice article on homebirth
  33. doula
  34. DH says NO
  35. keep me strong
  36. HBAC in Cairns - safe place needed!
  37. Starting to doubt
  38. Just starting to research, feeling lost.
  39. "Mila's Birth" Seen it?
  40. Need some advice...
  41. homebirth in India
  42. Doula attending without Midwife?
  43. can I do this on my own?
  44. Homebirth in Spain
  45. What size should a placenta bag be?
  46. Help to convince DP/advice on HBAC after previous complications...
  47. Claiming midwife expenses at tax time?
  48. Choosing a midwife by location?
  49. Free birth info and research
  50. How many homebirths in Australia
  51. Did hospy transfer time concern you when homebirthing?
  52. getting over fears...
  53. How much say did your partner have in your birth choices?
  54. Support people for homebirth
  55. Stupid supply question...
  56. ohmygosh...
  57. Well I told my knOB I'm having a HB
  58. Birthing Day ideas for older children
  59. Flying International
  60. Torn
  61. We're full steam ahead :)
  62. MW appointment how to broach FB option
  63. Who to choose?????
  64. Freebirthing & Cervical Lips
  65. Freebirthing after Caesarean
  66. Am I crazy or just well prepared?
  67. Where to have a homebirth when you don't have a home
  68. Homebirthing with a Midwife in Vic
  69. Want to know how your obstetrician was trained?
  70. 'Lag time' to emergency c-section?
  71. Doulas- Have you ever had to advocate at a HB?
  72. Freebirthing with no female support person
  73. Non-water births
  74. Choosing a Lotus Birth
  75. cord ties...