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  1. my birth montage! REMOVED FROM YOUTUBE FOR BEING NORTY I put it back!
  2. ok this is gonna be kinda long sorry
  3. more thoughts and questions
  4. Heart conditions & Birthing Options
  5. Inform landlord?
  6. Talking about Birth Montages
  7. Wow watch this birth
  8. Here is my birth montage!
  9. Where will you birth? The new JB slideshow has landed!
  10. Another question about birth support /style
  11. Eating the placenta?
  12. New Birthing Unit
  13. questions for the doulas
  14. homebirth transfer study in Sweden
  15. I have a Doula
  16. Midwife monitored homebirth advice, please...
  17. some Marsden Wagner articles for easy reference
  18. Homebirth: what are the issues? article
  19. A friend's montage
  20. Defence Health doubles coverage for midwives - YAY!!!
  21. Freebirth and 'proving' bubs is yours
  22. I've found a midwife BUT...
  23. The Safety of Hospital Birth - The myth versus the reality
  24. Hiring an IM for birth only
  25. Birth choices in your state
  26. HB on syd's nth beaches
  27. quick - need homebirthing info for unsupportive mother
  28. Contacting midwives....before or after conception?
  29. Having a freebirth but then going to hospital
  30. Choosing Homebirth
  31. Homebirth in Dubbo NSW??
  32. Your homebirth... was your partner supportive, informed, helpful?
  33. Standard antenatal care (probably a silly question)
  34. IM and Doula... worth having both?
  35. Your hbac / vbac
  36. Thank you! (A story of choosing HB)
  37. looking forward to birth
  38. What to say to husband who just doesn't get it?
  39. Other people holding your baby - who, when etc?
  40. a new midwife next time?
  41. Is This Correct?
  42. elective c/s
  43. Towels for waterbirth???
  44. Technology: Stemming the Tide
  45. set on having my baby at home
  46. my soap box is getting higher..may need that cherry picker
  47. Her attitude stinks
  48. A whinge about my 'notes'
  49. Now I have Deadline....
  50. "Accidentally" homebirth?
  51. Hospital treatment of newborn jaundice?
  52. Q for the MW's - Gas in stomach after C-Section question
  53. medicare rebate for IM?
  54. Dr at a hombirth? How does this work?
  55. How do I explain it to my DH..
  56. SROM - what or who causes it?
  57. Um...60 minutes was good for one thing...
  58. So what do you think of freebirth?
  59. Anyone birthed in their garage?
  60. Getting your husband's support for a home birth
  61. What to bring up/ask on first visit?
  62. Is there an independant site that provides doula feedback?
  63. Indemnity question
  64. Searching for a Sydney IM for antenatal only
  65. The current disinformation campaign around homebirth
  66. contraindication to homebirth -advice?
  67. It's official!
  68. I can't do this, I'm not strong enough...
  69. Finding an IM with similar beliefs?
  70. Will NIB cover HB?
  71. Brisbanites - what would you do?
  72. Where will you birth? JB hospital/home photo montage comparison
  73. Hiring a birth pool??
  74. thinking about homebirthing
  75. Medicare and hb