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  1. Hospital Freebirth
  2. Another Ahoy MWs question! Doppler!
  3. Freebirth and transfer
  4. Glucose testing
  5. Unless you're tired of birth videos...
  6. How did YOU pay for your hb?
  7. improving emotional outcomes from transfer
  8. when did your hire your mw (and decide to birth at home)?
  9. Doula's "not allowed" to attend freebirths
  10. Defending your sanity to those unsupportive of your birth choice
  11. When did you fill your birth pool?
  12. Community midwifery - Adelaide
  13. Gold Coasters - Midwives
  14. Victorian hospitals perinatal data 2005-6
  15. birthing on land...
  16. to have a midwife or not?
  17. pregnancy and hb resources...
  18. The noise of birth.....!
  19. Share these homebirth montages with friends and family!
  20. lexapro
  21. placenta bag
  22. Logistics of people travelling to HBs
  23. Another reason to choose homebirth....
  24. Value for Money
  25. purebirth vs midwife
  26. Where to start?
  27. Were you happy with your homebirth midwife?
  28. hey doulas, who of you will attend a freebirth?
  29. Relative Risks of Uterine Rupture
  30. risks of waterbirth
  31. I had a bad day
  32. Coming out of the closet
  33. Looking your best for your caesar????
  34. Impacts of Medical Technology in Australia
  35. What to say to my neighbour?
  36. Would you haggle with a Midwife?
  37. "I don't feel homebirth is an option with a first baby"
  38. Ultrasounds and Natural Birth
  39. homebirth for dummies
  40. When a midwife misses your birth
  41. Booking back up at hospy for homebirth
  42. Transfered?
  43. Factors in choosing to freebirth
  44. Just NOT drawn to waterbirth
  45. why did i tell the gp?
  46. List of Publicly Funded Homebirth
  47. I want to get my hospy birth notes
  48. Homebirth in Murwillumbah
  49. kinda a dumb question but
  50. New Statistics: Big increase in home births across the UK
  51. Did anyone here birth completely alone?
  52. toddlers at births
  53. Tricksyness about telling family
  54. pushing at 6cm dilation
  55. freebirthers- choosing support people as SUPPORTERS not decision-makers
  56. choosing doulas- was experience important to you?
  57. Finding another midwife willing to travel
  58. no i am not neglecting my duty of care!
  59. Need more confidence re homebirth
  60. Doubts about waterbirth
  61. Midwives children at your birth
  62. Midwives choices
  63. Where to Start?
  64. Chance of baby getting "stuck"?
  65. post birth counselling
  66. Homebirth without the cost?
  67. My Doula Week
  68. You're winning me over...
  69. Books poll
  70. How did you decide on your midwife?
  71. In your experience what 'equipment' to HB midwives carry?
  72. Hiring a Birth Pool
  73. Recommend birth tapes/CDs etc.
  74. Recommendations for a doula in Melbourne?
  75. How many midwives at a homebirth?